Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten Free eBook

During these crazy times being a parent has become more complicated and stressful. As a parent, and educator, I know any help to navigate your child’s education and social emotional learning / development is key. Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten is a great resource for children as young as four and children in the kindergartenContinue reading “Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten Free eBook”

Math Duel Card Game

The Math Duel Card Game is a fun way to practice adding and subtracting with your child. This game requires a deck of cards and two people to play. Deal out the entire deck of cards. Note to modify for younger learners, remove the face cards from the deck. Players put their cards in aContinue reading “Math Duel Card Game”

Vacation Boredom Busters

In Plain Sight Game This is a fun hidden object game, with a twist. Instead of hiding an object buried under cushions or in cabinets, the objective of this game is to hide something out in the open, where it is visible to all. Choose any small, unspectacular object for this game, such as a coin,Continue reading “Vacation Boredom Busters”

Honey vs Vinegar The Power of Positivity

  We’ve all heard the saying, “you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.” A positive comment is your attractive honey, and negative comments are your vinegar.  A positive comment or request can go a long way with a child. We have a tendency, as humans, to focus on the negative or to correct aContinue reading “Honey vs Vinegar The Power of Positivity”