Writing Prompt Friday August 21st

Happy Prompt Friday! It’s time to get your thinking caps on and get creative.

Today I have some interesting prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Remember prompts are a way to get your mind in shape for writing. Getting those creative muscles stretched and ready for action. Total bonus if a prompt turns into an awesome short story.

Here are the prompts for your writing pleasure.

  • And that is how the trashcan caught on fire.
  • That’s a horrible idea. What time?
  • Mom, I’ve decided I want to be a professional Dodge Baller.
  • Sir, I don’t think you’ll get that through customs.

I hope one of these prompts tickled your fancy and you’re off and writing.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe, and good writing vibes into the universe.

As always, please follow me on Instagram @beinglaurakmarshall , for the fun of it.

The Big Book of Writing Exercises, Prompts, and Blockbusters is Coming Soon – stay tuned for release details.


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