Writing Exercise Friday July 31st

Welcome to your Friday Writing Exercise. Get your writing muscles ready like a professional athlete. You need to stretch those writing muscles before you get to the main writing event. So let’s get to it.

Twenty Minute Writing Challenge – Write a story using one of the following titles:

  • Radio Active Spider Escapes Lab
  • Bunny Fufu Gets Revenge
  • Street Performer and Monkey Jailed
  • Hot Coffee Newest Health Food Craze

You have twenty minutes to write as much as you can. I like writing these in the style of the National Inquirer or the Onion. The wilder and more outlandish the better. The point is to get writing.

Five Senses Bonus Exercise Take the story you created in the twenty minute write and do a five senses edit. When you do a senses edit go through your story looking for the senses. Using highlighters assign a color to each of the senses. Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste. Once you highlight the senses you can see how balanced the senses are in your story. If you are light or too heavy in a sense then you can add more or remove some. The goal is to have a balance of senses.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe and good vibes into the universe.

As always, please follow me on Instagram @beinglaurakmarshall , for the fun of it.


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