Writing Prompts May 15th

Happy Writing Prompts Friday. It’s time to get your creative pants on and get to work.

I have four very different prompts for you to choose from today. Select the one that speaks to you the most and go for it. Or use all four, that would be pretty awesome.

  • I liked noodles before that dinner party.
  • I’m not going to lie, all I want is a beer, it wasn’t always this way. I had a successful job in the financial district, an awesome apartment and a deluxe auto. Everything started slipping away after the incident.
  • You’re in the garden cultivating a remote corner when you hit something hard. 
  • Mom made a skating rink in the backyard. What could go wrong?

Have a wonderful and creative writing day with these prompts.

Until next time, be happy , stay safe and good writing vibes into the universe.

As always, please follow me on instagram @beinglaurakmarshall , just for the fun of it.


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