Update on Edits

I shared a few weeks ago that I have a new editor and I am going through all my published titles. What I mean when I say “going through” is I am evaluating each title. Am I going to up date it with a second addition, combine shorter works together to create a larger more useful title, create short story collections or retire titles all together? The process of deciding what to do with each title is exhausting. Let alone figuring out a schedule to work on them. I want to work on all of them right now! But obviously I can’t physically or mentally do that.

Here is what is coming down the pipeline with editing and re-releases.

My educational book, Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten, is currently with my editor. We are at the halfway point I feel of the editing process. We’ve done the major rework that needed to be done. Today I submitted all the expand, clarify, or add content that has been requested. There is still the finishing up of content clean up, and then my editor moves the manuscript to formatting. I haven’t seen the new cover art yet. I’m excited to see it all come together.

I am about half way through doing my read through edits, and rewrites, for the book series, The Blake Hemlock Chronicles. There are four novella length books in this series. We decided to combine the books into one. I’m taking this episodic buddy Sci Fi series to the next level. I love these characters and I’m giving them the stories they deserve. This series isn’t scheduled to be with the editor until mid June. So it’ll be a while until the crew of the Viking is re-released into the universe.

I am currently torn over what the next book in the queue needs to be. Like I said earlier, I want to work on all of them now. I keep going between the consolidation of my three short story collections, or one of my education books. I still have plenty to do with the other two books but hopefully I’ll make a decision soon.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe, and good writing vibes into the universe.

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