Writing Prompts

Hello Friday! I hope every one has had a good week. It being Friday and the weekend has taken on new meaning over the last few weeks. For those of us that had the weekend off Friday was a cause to celebrate. Now with the stay at home orders Friday, Saturday and Sunday are just like any other day. But only if you let them. I still hold the weekend as the weekend. I have a different schedule that I follow. I sleep in and do the around the house things that I used to do on the weekends before.

When I feel stuck in my writing something that helps is to change gears and write from a prompt. Usually I do this to create a short story that has nothing to do with what I’m currently writing. The break gives my brain the opportunity to think of other things. Usually in the middle of my prompt writing my good old brain goes, “Oh I figured out this other thing, write this down!”

So below I present to you four writing prompts to get your writing going.

Why is Merv always falling down?

The last thing I remember before I was shoved in the ship’s cargo hold was the sunrise.

The bar was crowded that night. The air was thick with smoke and cheap perfume, but I wasn’t there looking for a good time. I was looking for a murderer before they struck again.

The air in the meadow felt grouchy. Nothing good was going to come out of that.

If you want some parameters for your prompt write, here are a few to choose from:

  1. Write for ten minutes without stopping.
  2. Write only a thousand words.
  3. Write your prompt with pen and paper.

I think I will also select a prompt from above and write a short piece. I’ll share my attempt some time next week. Oh, so fun! I may need to lay off the coffee.

Happy May Day

As always, please follow me on Instagram @laurakmarshall , you know, for the fun of it.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe and good writing vibes in to the universe.


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